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Why LIC’S Jeevan Akshyay VI?

LIC'S - Jeevan AkshayWhy All Indians should compulsorily invest a part of their wealth/income/money in LIC’s Jeevan Akshay.

Only PLAN in the world that gives FIXED, Assured and GUARANTEED monthly Lifetime PENSION with Sovereign guarantee is

LIC’S – Jeevan Akshay

  •  1990- RBI interest was 14%. LIC – 12%: LIFETIME – continues even today.
  •  1995 – RBI 13% – LIC 12% LIFETIME assured income continues even today.
  •  2000 – RBI 12% – LIC 10% LIFETIME income continues even today.
  •  2005 – RBI 10% – LIC 9% LIFETIME income continues even today.
  •  2016 – RBI 7% -: LIC -pension plan 7•5% LIFETIME will continue untill death of last policy holder of the scheme.

Jeevan Akshay”s todays rate *7.5%*would be better placed in 2020 when RBI rate would be – 5% or less.

 As per Recent presentation by Prashant Jain Head of HDFC Mutual Fund, In view of Huge savings in petroleum imports, Rupee will be Rs 50 per Dollar and Interest rate will be around 5-6% in next 3 Years.

 Invest TODAY and get ASSURED income for self and spouse, LIFETIME with Return of Purchase Price to Nominee. They will Thank you in Golden years of their life.

Please note that Ex CEO & MD of ICICI Venture capital has invested ₹ 20 Crores in Akshay. She gets Rs 13 Lakh fixed income on 1st day of every month. That”s called Peace of Mind

🎯 Start today. Start now ! 🏃

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