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Why Jeevan Anand (815) Best Policy in LIC

Jivan Anand Plan

1. Break premium into risk and savings and calculate IRR.
2. Risk premium paid by client during term and after maturity by LIC.
3. Premium same as per today’s age and health.
4. Combination of 2 bonds – Endowment and Term.
5. No medical check up after maturity so take insurance now when you are in good health.
6. Jeevan Anand insurance upto age 100 whereas term policy available upto age 70 only.
7. LIC pays premium for extra 25% coverage in Jeevan Anand. Don’t use word free.
8. Whenever you calculate maturity, add maturity and death sum assured. Maturity to nominee and other sum assured to nominee.
9. There are 3 Bonuses, Revisionary, Final Addition bonus and Emergency bonus I. E. Cash value after maturity. Don’t use words like surrender.
10. Always tell your cl ients that Returns in LIC are tax free. Ask your clients what will be the tax rate after 5, 10, 15 years ? whether PF will be tax free after few years ? No body knows. BUT IF YOU BUY INSURANCE TODAY IT WILL BE TAX FREE FOR SURE AS IT’S A CONTRACT.
11. Double Accident Benefit (DAB ) : On death double the sum assured and in case of permanent disability, 10% of sum assured is paid in 10 years as a replacement of income. 95% of agents don’t explain this benefit to their clients

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