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LIC – Best Life Insurance Company in World

Life Insurance

  • LIC OF INDIA Is Declared Number ONE Insurance Company in the WORLD..
  • Total premium income was 3,80,042 crores
  • Life Fund is more than 16,07,025 crores.
  • Fastest death claim record...
    A Death Claim of 3.11 crores was settled in central office...Within 15 minutes it was deposited into bank account of Nominee after committee accepted it...
  • LIC of India Total Book Assets is 17,06,192 Crores...Market value is much more...TS
  • International All Over world Premium Collection is 265.13 million dollars..
  • In LIC Annual report provision for BAD AND SUBSTANDARD ASSETS is only 0.2%.
  • In 11 th 5 year plan lic had invested 7,04,151 crores..
  • LIC of India is the largest insurance company in the world. 29.61 Crores Individual Policies and group policies 11.54 crores.
  • All Major Private companies got loan from LIC.
  • In india every ONE MINUTE we are using is mostly funded with loan by Lic i.e road,public utilities, highways, flyovers, electricity, rural sector....
  • LIC of india does not take loan but LIC of india gives loan to everybody

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