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HEALTH WALLET FAMILY – Apollo Health Insurance Plan


Our first of a kind Health plan with a unique Reserve Benefit which can be used for OPD expenses, any non-payable items under health insurance claim or to pay upto 50% of your renewal premium. Your Reserve Benefit will keep on increasing every year and any unutilized balance under this benefit will be carried forward to next year with 6% bonus.

The option to convert the plan to a full-fledged Indemnity Health Insurance plan without re-evaluation of health status or any pre policy check if Insured Person has been insured with Us for first time under this Policy before the age of 50 years and has policy has been renewed with us for continuous 5 years.

This plan also comes with additional benefits like Restore benefit, that automatically reinstates the basic sum insured in case you exhaust it in a policy year and multiplier benefit which rewards you for every claim free year.

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Basic Sum Insured per Insured Person per Policy Year (Rs. in Lakh) 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 50
1a) Inpatient treatment Covered
1b)Pre-hospitalisation Covered, upto 60 days
1c) Post-Hospitalization Covered, upto 90 Days
1d) Day Care Procedures Covered
1e) Domiciliary Treatment Covered
1f) Organ Donor Covered
1g) Ambulance Upto Rs.2,000 per Hospitalisation
1h) Ayush Treatment
This benefit is not applicable if optional Deductible is chosen
1i) Recovery Benefit
This benefit is not applicable if optional Deductible is chosen
Rs 10,000 for hospitalisation exceeding consecutive 10 days
1j) Worldwide Emergency Care 50% of Sum Insured upto a maximum of Rs.20 lacs
2) Restore Benefit Equal to 100% of Basic Sum Insured
3) Preventive Health Check-up As per grid mentioned in the benefit
4) Multiplier Benefit Bonus of 50% of the Basic Sum Insured for every claim free year, maximum upto 100%. In case of claim, bonus will be reduced by 50%  of the Basic Sum Insured at the time of renewal
5) Reserve Benefit per Insured Person per Policy Year ( Rs) 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000 & 25000
6) Deductible (Optional) per Insured Person per Policy Year ( Rs in Lakh) 2, 3, 5 & *10
*10 deductible available for SI of 20 lacs and above
7) Optional Rider – Critical Advantage Cover per Insured Person per Policy Year ( USD)
Offered with base policy Sum Insured of Rs. 10 lacs & above
USD 250,000, USD 500,000 & USD 10,00,000
Offered if base policy Sum Insured is Rs. 10 lacs & above Illness covered under the rider are as following
a. Cancer Treatment:
b. Coronary Artery by-pass surgery:
c. Heart Valve replacement or repair:
d. Neurosurgery:
e. Live-donor organ transplant:
f. Bone Marrow Transplant:
g. Aorta Graft Surgery
h. Pulmonary artery graft surgery

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