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Important of LIC Agent

LIC Agent Changdlodia-Gota

Yes it is true insurance agent getting commission on selling insurance policies.
Like other professional like – doctor- charges hefty fees for diagnosis 500 to 1500 as his experience or for operation in lakhs- with no guarantee of life (other commission on blood test and other tests he is suggesting)

Advocate – fighting case in court so many years postponed dates with handholds of court employees and looting fees from his client – with no guarantee of victory – actually he is lying in court and with his client – by knowing that his client is wrong person – LIC agent never tale lie either to client or to insurer. ..

Agent is getting his commission for proposing clients proposal and on his moral hazard LIC giving insurance to the proposer… he is giving services to his customer till policy term and thereafter also

IN CASE of unfortunate death of policy holder only LIC Agent going with sympathy to the family and help them to get the death claim amount (one thing must be noted that LIC is one of non corrupt institute and our agents behaviour is like that) we trust.

If any person dies with debt or mortgage his property loaner will come for recovery. …
friends Insurance is not a INVESTMENT for high Return ! Insurance is for the financial safty of our beloved one !

Nobody is going to purchase insurance policy only buy on the request by agents. …
Because insurance is the matter of solicitation. …

So if agent is getting commission he is getting his reward (honorarium) from insurance company and not from policyholders’ premium…becoz insurer giving return on his investment…

Think twice before blaming to agents for getting handsome commission that if agent would have been not come to sale.. how many families will be in financial trouble on death of bread winner of their family 😢😭

भारत में Life Insurance:

1. हम भारतीय अपने बच्चे की पढ़ाई के लिए gold खरीदते हैं मगर बच्चे के लिए education का कोई insurance प्लान नहीं लेते

2. किसी insurance advisor(एजेंट )को देखकर हम खुद को आर्थिक सुरक्षित महसूस करने की बजाए डरते हैं।

3. सिर्फ 29 करोड़ भारतियों के पास जीवन बीमा है जबकि भारत की जनसंख्या 130 करोड़ है।

4. हम ₹3000 के मोबाइल का screen guard तो खरीद लेते हैं मगर अपनी जिंदगी जो कि अनमोल है उसका बीमा नही करवाते।

5. हम एक अजनबी से अपनी बेटी की शादी तो कर देते है मगर कोई अजनबी हमें बीमे की सलाह दे तो हम कितना ज्यादा सोचते हैं।

6. हम आपस में भागवत गीता और कुरान के लिए लड़ते हैं मगर यह नही सोचते कि मौत एक सचाई है।

7. अपनी चपल तक को सुरक्षित रखने के लिए हम 5 रुपये stand वाले को दे देते है मगर अपनी लाइफ को insure करने के लिए 20 रुपये रोजाना के नही खर्च सकते।क्या हमारी जिंदगी चपल से भी कीमती नहीं है???

8. हम बाबाओं के magic (जादू )पर यकीन करते हैं मगर insurance advisor के logic (तर्क) पर यकीन नही करते।

9. हम सरकारी पेंशन भोगी मुलाजिमों की बात करते हैं मगर कुछ पैसा अपनी लाइफ टाइम पेंशन के लिए अलग से बचाना पसन्द नहीं करते।

10. विश्व जनगणना के अनुसार लगभग 10000 लोग हर रोज सुबह अपने लगाये अलार्म के अनुसार नहीं उठ पाते।

Please remember :
Fire Engine or Fire brigade comes with alarm but Death Engine never .

11. घर में बिजली बंद होने के दौरान light के लिए हम लोग invertor खरीदते हैं ,आप अपने परिवार के लिए कमाते हो तो आप अपने परिवार के लिए LIGHT की तरह हो और insurance पालिसी एक invertor की तरह है जो आपके न होने पर घर में light की तरह जगमगाती है।

12. आप अपने मोबाइल सिम कार्ड का और अपने ATM कार्ड का balance जानते हैं , मगर क्या आप अपने Life कार्ड का balance जानते हैं ??

अपनी जिंदगी के कार्ड को Insurance policy के साथ आज ही से recharge करवाएं।

LIC-. *जींदगी के साथ भी..!
जींदगी के बाद भी—!!!

आपका शुभचिंतक!

LIC Agent Ahmedabad

LIC – Best Life Insurance Company in World

Life Insurance

  • LIC OF INDIA Is Declared Number ONE Insurance Company in the WORLD..
  • Total premium income was 3,80,042 crores
  • Life Fund is more than 16,07,025 crores.
  • Fastest death claim record...
    A Death Claim of 3.11 crores was settled in central office...Within 15 minutes it was deposited into bank account of Nominee after committee accepted it...
  • LIC of India Total Book Assets is 17,06,192 Crores...Market value is much more...TS
  • International All Over world Premium Collection is 265.13 million dollars..
  • In LIC Annual report provision for BAD AND SUBSTANDARD ASSETS is only 0.2%.
  • In 11 th 5 year plan lic had invested 7,04,151 crores..
  • LIC of India is the largest insurance company in the world. 29.61 Crores Individual Policies and group policies 11.54 crores.
  • All Major Private companies got loan from LIC.
  • In india every ONE MINUTE we are using is mostly funded with loan by Lic i.e road,public utilities, highways, flyovers, electricity, rural sector....
  • LIC of india does not take loan but LIC of india gives loan to everybody

LIC Agent Ahmedabad

Revision in Non-Medical Special and General

Read everything as SUC.
Non-Medical (Special):

18 to 35 years: 30 Lacs
36 to 45 years: 20 Lacs
46 to 50 years: 10 Lacs
Non-Medical (General):

(1) Professionally Qualified:
(2) Self-Employed Males & Literate
Females…(NEW GROUP)

18 to 35 years: 25 Lacs
36 to 45 years: 15 Lacs
46 to 50 years: 8 Lacs

For (2)(NEW GROUP): Having ITRs for 3 years with annnual Income of 10 Lacs and above along with PAN CARD.

For PROFESSIONALS: Having ITR of minimum income Rs. 2.50 Lacs along with PAN CARD.

& Standard Age Proof Must…………
(3) Major Students (18 to 25 years):

20 Lacs under NMG

(4) NMG for Male Lives & Literate Females (other than 1 to 3 stated above)


18 to 35 years: 8 Lacs
36 to 45 years: 5 Lacs
46 to 50 years: 3 Lacs

18 to 35 years: 5 Lacs
36 to 45 years: 3 Lacs
46 to 50 years: 2 Lacs

NON- Medical Underwriting

Non Medical Special (NMS)

Literate Males
Females with ssc
One year service completed.
Company has PF, TAN no, Leave record and is in vogue for minimum 3 years.

18 – 35 = 30 lakhs
36 – 45 = 20 lakhs
46 – 50 = 10 lakhs

NRIs and FNIO Residing in Group V

18 – 35 = 30 lakhs
36 – 45 = 20 lakhs
46 – 50 = 10 lakhs

Non medical General (Professional not under NMS)
Std Age proof
Pan card
ITRS of last 3 years
MInimum income 2.5 lakhs
Self employed literate (income more thatn 10 lacs & filing ITRs)

18 – 35 = 25 lakhs
36 – 45 = 15 lakhs
46 – 50 = 8 lakhs

Major Student upto age 25
min edq 10+2 or equivalent
declartion from parents
copy of just passed academic year reports

18- 25 = Rs 20 lakhs

Major males & Literate Females with own income
Standard age proof

18 – 35 = 8 lakhs
36 – 45 = 5 lakhs
46 – 50 = 3 lakhs

Major males & Literate Females with own income
NON Standard age proof
max term 25 years
max maturity 65
max entry age 50

18 – 35 = 5 lakhs
36 – 45 = 3 lakhs
46 – 50 = 2 lakhs

Financial Underwriting Revision

Max Total Rated SUM Assured allowed as per average income of last three years

Income less than 10 lakhs
upto 35 years – 25 times of income
36 – 45 years – 20 times of income
46 – 55 years – 12 times of income
56 years & Abv- 10 times of income.
Income more than 10 lakhs
upto 35 years – 30 times of income
36 – 45 years – 25 times of income
46 – 50 years – 20 times of income
51 – 55 years – 15 times of income
56 years & Abv- 10 times of income.

Old rules apply to female Life Category III

PFQ / CA Certificate
Increased Upto 50 lakhs for all plans Except Term
Term rider & Term plans max 25 lakhs

Underwriting Revision
# Groups reclassified, Now instead of 7 only 5
# Max TRSA increased to 150 lacs & 250 lacs for group III & IV respectively
# Non medical exclusive, Single premium exclusive, Term rider & PWB for group V only.
# HIV report with Medical for groups III & IV cumpulsory.
# Juvenile Lives & Housewives insurance allowed under IV & V only.
# For juvenile lives rules as per Indian juvenile lives
# Mail order business max 3 crore allowed, only group V
# Term plan & Term rider under Mail order max 25 lac
# Minum SA under mail order 10 lacs
# For FNIO no riders except AB
# NO mail order business for FNIO
# Class I occupation will only be eligible for 50 lacs above
# FNIO – Term plans and Pension plans Not Allowed